Every week on Wednesday at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (8 pm UK time), John MacDonald, Mark Gyde and Barry Adams get together with a bunch of like hearts from around the world to explore the amazing, unconditional, eternal love of our Heavenly Father.

Everyone is invited to join us for this free, one hour webcast each week but for those who can't, we now record the teaching portion of the webcast on video. Enjoy and please share with others!

2017 Video Webcasts

Our personal access to the Father - Wed May 24, 2017
Mark and Barrydiscuss the glorious implications of being able to have direct access
to our Heavenly Father in Christ.

The anointing of the Father's love - Wed May 17, 2017
John, Mark and Barry discuss what it means to carry
the anointing of the Father's love in our lives.

Restoring the true masculine and feminine - Wed May 10, 2017
John, Mark and Barry discuss what it means to reflect
both God's masculine and feminine qualities in our lives

Talking about worry - Wed May 3, 2017
John and Barry discuss many of the practical issues surrounding worry and anxiety.

Weakness - Wed. April 26, 2017
John, Mark and Barry talk about how our own weakness
attracts the strength of Almighty God.

God's Eternal Purpose - Wed. April 19, 2017

John and Barry discuss God's eternal purpose and His heart for the entire world.

The substance of love - Wed Apr 12, 2017
Mark and Barry discussing the tangible substance of love that the Father pours into our hearts by His Spirit.

How to receive the Kingdom like a child - Wed Apr 5, 2017

Mark and Barry continue their discussion from last week's webcast on the subject
of what does it mean to receive the Kingdom of God like a little child?

Learning to live like Kingdom kids - Wed Mar 29, 2017
Mark and Barry talk about what it means to live in God's Kingdom as His beloved kids.

Living an abundant life - Wed. Mar 22, 2017
Mark and Barry discuss John 10:10 and what it means to live the abundant life that Jesus gave us to live.

Overcoming Hindrances - Part Two - Wed. Mar 15, 2017
Barry continues his teaching on things that hinder us from experiencing
God's love. This week he deals with unbelief and pride.

His Favourite Name! - Wed. Mar 8, 2017
John, Mark and Barry discuss some of the different attributes of God
and Old Testament descriptions of His nature and how the name 'Father' is His favourite!

How does faith and love work together? Wed Mar 1, 2017
 Mark and Barry discuss how faith and love work together in the life of every son or daughter.

Overcoming Hindrances - Part One - Wed Feb 22, 2017
Barry covers 3 topics that can hinder people from coming into a deeper revelation of God's Fatherheart - 1. Bad Theology 2. Unforgiveness 3. Judgments on Parents

Group discussion on peace - Wed. Feb 15, 2017
Mark and Barry discuss the practical ways that we can walk in God's peace for us.

Group discussion on forgiveness - Wed. Feb 8, 2017
John, Mark and Barry discuss some of the practical aspects
of walking in forgiveness.

Group discussion on weakness - Wed. Feb. 1 , 2017
Mark and Barry discuss how to practically embrace weakness as a lifestyle in the Kingdom.

Weakness is your greatest strength - Barry Adams - Wed. Jan 25, 2017
Barry shares how it is actually our weakness that qualifies us
for all of the power that our Heavenly Father wants to give to us.

The earth shaking ramifications of sonship - Special Guest Larry Pearson
Wednesday January 18, 2017

Barry discusses with special guest, Larry Pearson,
the ramifications of being sons and daughters to Almighty God.

The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation - Group Discussion - Wednesday January 11, 2017
In this week's group discussion, John, Mark and Barry  discuss a passage of Scripture from Ephesians 1:17-18 where the Apostle Paul asks God the Father to give us the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation so that we might know Him better.


Remain in My love - Group Discusion - Wednesday January 4, 2017
John, Mark and Barry have an interactive discussion about what it means
to remain in God's love as Jesus spoke about in John 15.


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