Live Video Webcast Testimonies

A surprising but wonderful journey so far...
I wanted to say how much I have appreciated not only the Live broadcasts from Fatherheart TV but also all the videos on the website. I came across the website whilst searching for something else and ended up listening to all the teaching videos, over a period of a week during the Summer Break.  Although I became a Christian aged 14, about 35 years ago, was filled with the Holy Spirit a short time later, and am part of a lovely church community, I had never come across teaching on the Fatherhood of God quite like it.  It made such sense to me that Jesus came and died so that we could meet with Father.

I started to feel a deep longing to know our Father in the way that I was hearing about. As I watched the videos and the prayer for people at the end, I was saying to God, "That's what I would like too".  I enjoyed watching the inspirational videos as well, especially, "My Dad is the Best Dad in the Universe", which I repeatedly watched as I so loved the filming and the message it was bringing, that was touching something inside.

       While I was listening to one of the last teaching videos, I drew a sketch called, "Waiting for Dad" which expressed some of the longing that I felt to meet with Father God in the way that I was hearing about. I decided to send an email and thank the person (Barry Adams) who had made the teaching videos available, to say that someone was listening to them and they had been helpful, then at the last minute decided to attach my sketch to the email.

Well, what an interesting journey I have been on since then. The live broadcasts started shortly after this and have put me in touch with people from all over the world. This has enabled me to ask all sorts of questions, some easy and some hard but all answered with great thought and care. I liked being able to receive prayer in "real time" from across the ocean and to feel the presence of God in the UK in the security of my own home and  to meet with Father in the way that I had heard about.

        As an amateur artist I have continued to sketch "my journey" and have enjoyed that being one way that I am able to explain to people here just a bit about what has been happening with me, as they have asked about the changes going on in me. My confidence has increased, a sense of fun has developed, my need to perform has lessened and I am getting bolder by the day. There is still plenty that Father is doing in me as I am learning to receive His comfort and love. I am perpetually amazed when I read my Bible at the moment that Father God's love for us and desire to Father us seems to jump off of every page that I read and I wonder how I never noticed this before.

        The message about how much our Father wants us to know Him seems to be what is coming out of me now to the people around me and I have been given opportunities to share this in my church community and work life too. I have been very grateful to Father, as well as as amazed, that He has done such a special thing for me only by use of the internet: how amazing is that! 

I never thought that I would be able to go to any "Fatherheart" type thing as they seemed to be located so far away, (apart from the live broadcast), but unexpectedly found that there is an A-School fairly near to where we live in a couple of months time and I am now booked in to go. Although I have met many lovely people through email and the live broadcast who have become an online community to me, it is quite daunting to go to the A-school where I don't know anyone, but I am pretty certain that just as Father has brought me on such a surprising but wonderful journey so far that the next steps will be in His hands too.
Sue (from the UK)


His presence is very tangible!
Just want to thank you for getting this Live Webcast up and running for all to participate.  You are freely allowing the gifts to move in and through you for the body and into the world.  This is another representation of our Father, Who so freely gave His only son.  He gave man this knowledge to reach the world.  This technology allows others to take part from almost anywhere.  And His presence is very tangible!

Since it began a month or so ago on a regular basis, others have been in contact with us and we have been able to share with them beyond the time set for the webcast, in a one on one setting, through email and Facebook.  They are growing leaps and bounds and neither one of us left our houses to meet face to face. 
Wow...the love of God is pouring out through these times.  It is amazing to hear of the encounters people are having with the Father.  He is surrounding them, right where they are, as we communicate over the Internet.

We are not touching them physically, He is touching them Himself.  Love is melting the resistance of hearts that have been wounded, healing them and restoring their souls and bringing them to innocence once again. The hearts of men are opening up to the love they were always meant to receive.  The live interactive webcast is an amazing vehicle, that He is blessing, as He wills that none should perish.

Once again, we may never know the fullness of the effectiveness of this ministry; just like the ministry tool, Father's Love Letter.  And it is so fun to watch the little boy in you arise with such excitement and it catches people up to a place they were made to enJOY! Thank you for assisting everyone on their journey into Father's heart, deeper and deeper still!  Great fun we are it's not is probably not Jesus at all!

We Love You!

Father's Blessings!
Bill and Deborah Fisher
Hot Pursuit Ministries Intl.


An amazing accomplishment...
The Wednesday webcasts have been an amazing accomplishment. To see and hear people from many different countries, and being able to interact and minister with them from my living room, is such a blessing. Papa has truly supplied us with a way to really reach out and touch others with no major expenses. Now, we have seen the Holy Spirit move in the gifts via the internet. I have been amazed with the sincere and desperate hearts we have heard from these last few weeks and pray Daddy will bring more and more to the webcasts!

For me, it has been awesome being able to minister in a real way to others in many different places without the often several thousand dollar expense it often takes to get to a venue and stay for a week or so. Yes, there is a small expense for the webcast program and its usage, but we all can contribute a little each month to help with that.

Thank you brother for showing us the way in this new and very effective way to reach people around the world.

Love and blessings,

Vince Mercardante Sr
Father Speaks Ministries