Teaching Videos

Below you will find teaching videos that are intended to draw you closer to our Heavenly Father's heart. We pray that they will encourage you and remind you that God loves you and He really is the Father you have been looking for all your life!

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Jack Winter
Jack travelled the world sharing the life-changing message of the Father's love for many years. He travelled to South Korea 40 times alone, plus many other places. Wherever Jack went, he impacted people with the incredible sense of the presence of God's love whether ministering to thousands or simply sharing a meal with someone.

Jack has influenced literally thousands of people throughout many years of ministry. Jack was also an author, writing a book called "The Homecoming". He went home to be with the Lord in August 2002. Jack's wife Dorothy, continues to travel from time to time and it is her generosity that has allowed some excerpts of Jack's teachings to be made available on Fatherheart.tv

Jack Winter Video Excerpts
Father Himself Loves You - 60:55 minutes - Excerpts courtesy of TACF
Forgiving The Unforgiveable
- 6:58 minutes - Excerpts courtesy of TACF
A Million Dollar Gift - 19:15 minutes - Excerpts courtesy of TACF

James & Denise Jordan
James has travelled the world many times over, ministering throughout Australia and New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, USA and South America, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and South Africa. He is a gifted Storyteller and Prophetic Teacher. In these days he sees God revealing himself to us as Father in a way unprecedented since the time of the Apostles. James and his wife Denise oversee Fatherheart Ministries based in Taupo, New Zealand.  For more information on their ministry, visit www.fatherheart.net

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Mark Gyde
Mark is a good friend and oversees Fatherheart Ministries UK and is the founder of www.AFatherToYou.com He has been radically impacted by the love of God and teaches at conferences, churches and Fatherheart Schools. Below is a video blog that Mark recently produced and generously allowed us to embed it our on website.


Barry Adams
Barry came into a life-changing revelation of the Fatherheart of God over 16 years ago through the ministry of Jack Winter and James Jordan that completely changed his life. In response to this new experience of the Father's love, he created a sermon illustration called Father's Love Letter that has been seen around the world and is now available in 100+ languages. Barry & his wife Anneliese founded Father Heart Communications in 2000 and are the creators of fatherheart.tv

The Tangible Benefits Of The Fatherheart Of God
8 Part Video Teaching Series - Recorded November 2009
This video series was recorded by Barry Adams at Singing Waters in Orangeville, Ontario in November 2009. These teachings were recorded over the span of a weekend in 8 different sessions. We would encourage you to watch them in chronological order to get the full impact of the teachings.

Special thanks to our friends at Singing Waters for hosting this special weekend event and for allowing us to capture the teaching on video. For more information on the amazing ministry of Singing Waters, visit their website at www.singingwaters.org

Session #1 - Understanding Our Own Life Story - 78 minutes
Session #2 - Father Revealed - 51 minutes
Session #3 - Restoring Childlike Trust - 69 minutes
Session #4 - The Fruitful Heart Of A Child - 71 minutes
Session #4 - The Fruitful Heart Of A Child (Part Two) - 27 minutes
Session #5 - Overcoming Hindrances - 51 minutes
Session #6 - The Ways Of An Orphan - 70 minutes
Session #7 - Embracing A New Identity - 48 minutes
Session #8 - The Father's Blessing - 25 minutes

Note: This 8 part teaching series is available in a free downloadable audio MP3 format.

Just click on the teaching you want to watch and there will be a link to download the audio version.

Other Video Teachings - Barry Adams
The Role Our Parents Play - 43:30 minutes
Freedom In Forgiveness - 48:20 minutes
The Spirit of Sonship - 51:00 minutes
The Priority Of Love - 18:45 minutes  
Father's Day Message 2009
- 43:00 minutes