The Fatherhood of God and His everlasting love for mankind is the foundational theme of the Bible.
This daily reading of Scriptures from the World English Bible translation is our way of providing you
with a snapshot into the heart of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Near whenever we call...

Deuteronomy 4:7
For what great nation is there, that has a god so near to them, as Yahweh our God is whenever we call on him? (WEB)

I love this description of the nearness of God that we find in the Old Testament. As the nation of Israel was God's favorite, they had the privilege of being able to call out to Him any time and He would hear them. If God was close to the Israelites way back then, how much closer is He to you and I now?

Not only is the Godhead around us, He lives within us now thanks to the New Covenant and the price that our Elder Brother paid for us to be born into His family. My prayer today is that you would know the nearness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!

The Triune God lives in you! All the time! 24/7! There is no place where you can go where He doesn't go with you. And He is always attentive to your prayers and He is cheering you on! May you be encouraged today with the thought that our God is close to us whenever we call out to Him! He is listening right now!

Ephesians 2:18-22
18 For through him we both have our access in one Spirit to the Father.19 So then you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God, 20 being built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the chief cornerstone;21 in whom the whole building, fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord; 22 in whom you also are built together for a habitation of God in the Spirit. (WEB)