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Father’s good works...

John 10:31-32
31 Therefore Jews took up stones again to stone him. 32 Jesus answered them, “I have shown you many good works from my Father. For which of those works do you stone me?” (WEB)

Every good work that Jesus did on earth originated in His Father's heart. Every miracle He performed, every child He blessed, every sinner He set free... all were expressions that came from heaven. The very thought that Jesus was the Son of God absolutely enraged the religious leaders of the day and it was His relationship with His Dad that was the reason they wanted to kill Him.

If Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing, then God the Father must be as loving and as servant hearted as God the Son. You would think in light of all that Jesus modelled to us about His Father, every believer would gladly run into their Abba's arms. But unfortunately that is not the case.

Over the centuries, the Fatherheart of God has been misrepresented by depicting Him as an angry old man in the sky or as a wrathful judge. He is the complete opposite of these depictions that we often see in the renaissance paintings. The truth is, that our Heavenly Dad is the kindest, most loving Father in the universe! The truth of the gospel is that Jesus came to show us what His Father was really like and to do His good works.

My prayer today is that each one of us would be a manifestation of the good works of our Father in all that we do. The more we are conformed into the image of Jesus, the more we are conformed into the image of our Father. May the Holy Spirit that lives within us bear witness to this amazing truth. May we all rise up into our destinies and do the good works that our Father planned for us to do before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 2:10
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before that we would walk in them. (WEB)

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